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The most interesting knee in the world
Thanks to injured Redskin Quarterback, Robert Griffin I knowmore about his knee than my own. Thanks to the media beating this dead horse toa fine powdery mist I know what an ACL is and how that is different from an MCLand a LCL. Prior to this I knew that my knee had a cap and it is designed toonly bend one way. It is my hope that RGIII's injuries are not as bad asadvertised and that he can get bac... (continue)
NFC East weekly round up

New York Giants - All the Giants did was go into San Francisco and pimp slap the team that was supposed be their biggest threat for the NFC Championship. The offensive game plan was executed by Eli Manning to near perfection while the Giants defense completely exposed Alex Smith once they shut down the 49ers running game. The Giants may not have the best record but they are playing the best foot...
If you want the real NFL referees back...Stay home
What do billionaires want more than anything else? More money of course and the only language they speak is money. That is why fans can end this NFL referee lockout by staying home. The owners want your concession money, they want you to purchase their merchandise and they want to you to plant your butt in those seats.

The owners believe we the fans are so stupid and football starved that we will...
The Expectations of the 2012 Pro Bowl
Congratulations Hawaii for hosting yet another Pro Bowl game in which the league's best players pretend to "play football" and get money and a free trip.
The 2011 Pro Bowl was a joke. Players were literally walking and pushing one another around in what could best be described as a friendly manner.

Why can't the NFL Pro Bowl be anything like the NBA All Stars game? Yes, Kobe Bryant ended up getti...
Jets Football: Focus On The Future, Not The Past
Hello my fellow Jets fans - I am not going to focus on news we already know and are kind of sick of hearing.  I will state my opinion real quick.  Mark Sanchez has received a contract extension.  This is proof that the Jets organization has faith in Mark and believes he is their guy [...]... (continue)
Should the Indianapolis Colts Take Robert Griffin III as Overall #1 NFL Draft 2012 Pick?

There's been virtually no talk about the Colts taking Robert Griffin III over Andrew Luck with their number one overall pick.  Why? 

Is Luck that much more of a sure thing or is this part of the 'black quarterback stereotype'?

The experts and pundits have weaved this year's NFL draftline stories to talk about every scenario except RGIII going as th...
Five Super Bowl XLVI Heros for New York Giants
What a game. Super Bowl XLVI was a classic. Some great plays. Some role players stepping up. Big names making big plays, late game winning drives. The game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots had it all. The Giants once again came out on top of the Patriots, winning their second Super Bowl [...]... (continue)
What is a Jet fan to do? Giants and Patriots to Battle in Super Bowl XLVI
As we all know, unless you live in a cave, but even now days I think cave dwellers have a clue, there is a Super Bowl among us.  For a Jets fan, I am well aware of this and very perplexed by the situation.  I truly have a strong disliking for both the Giants and [...]... (continue)
Which Super Bowl game do you want to see?
I have to be perfectly honest, I wanted to the New Orleans Saints or Green Bay Packers to play the New England Patriots in a future Hall of Fame quarterback battle, Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers against Tom Brady. Wow would that have been fun to see, but the San Francisco 49ers and NY Giants …
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Three keys to victory for New York Giants in Green Bay
The Giants are entering Green Bay on a roll. They were an up and down team all season and after they lost to the Washington Redskins at home in Week 15 it all seemed to click. They needed two wins to get in, having to beat the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys. New York accomplished both, won the NFC [...]... (continue)
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