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How to fix the Washington Capitals
You can't fix the problem without identifying what's wrong with the Caps?What we see right now from the Caps is not a bad streak of hockey. It is the physical manifestation of an organization built to sell tickets and not to win. Winning starts with commitment and the Caps have not shown the same level of commitment as other teams who are consistently in the hunt for a Stanley Cup. The Ovechkin er... (continue)
Smoke and Mirrors
On a day when the NHL set a record in player movement and compensationThe Washington Capitals decided to pass on the action leaving Caps Nationwondering what the heck is going on. 

It's not as if the Caps are so close to a Stanley Cup like Boston that theycould just get by with a couple of tweaks. Many agreed after watching the Capspepper the New York Rangers with shots to no effect that the...
Washington Capitals post mortem 2012-2013
I wanted to wait until the pain of going out early again wore off before I wrote my post mortem on the Washington Capitals. I also wanted to hear what the official "Party line" would be from both the organization and those paid by the organization to be subject mater experts.

What I heard from Capitals General Manager, George McPhee and other Capitals paid representatives is basically that they ...
Saying what must be said about the Washington Capitals
The Caps finally have a coach that can get them to beyondtheir normal 1st or 2nd round playoff visits and they come into camp out ofshape? I have zero problem with them being clueless about the system and thelearning period required to gain muscle memory but they are professional hockeyplayers right? I watched a bunch of hockey this weekend and some teams looklike they haven't missed a beat. Some ... (continue)
The Adam Oates era begins
The good news for Washington Capitals fans is if you'relooking for an excellent coach in terms of game preparation, hockey knowledgeand how to maximize the talent you can't do much better than the new bench bossAdam Oates. He will be the smartest guy in the room and an excellent choice toright the ship in Washington.
Oates was neither the fastest nor the most talented playerbut he was definitely t...
Is Alexander Semin is irreplaceable?
For some of us Caps fans who were around prior the Ovechkin era the wait for Alexander Semin to become the player envisioned and have been teased by is a long wait for a ship that never showed up. 

Everyone agrees that Semin is a unique talent but he is also the longest tenured Cap and there are four things we know about Alexander Semin:

1. He is not a physical player
2. He is inconsistent...
The Ovechkin Factor
It is June 16th the NHL entry draft is only 6 days away and the Washington Capitals have no Head Coach. General Manager, George McPhee is saying what he is supposed to say in terms of stressing that his search is a deliberate one designed to get the absolute right guy.
Well any GM would say that but here are some things to bear in mind. Any Head Coach worth a damn will want some inp...
Ovechkin needs to lead from the front
Lost in all the talk about Capitals star winger Alexander Ovechkin's diminished ice time is the fact that the 3rd and 4th lines are shutting down the opponent's top lines while scoring critical goals themselves. While this is terrific news, the Caps need their Captain and best player to lead from the front.

Thus far Ovechkin has said all the media friendly things like "As long as we are winning I...
Time for Ted Leonsis to make sweeping changes
The Washington Capitals are a hockey team in need of three things:

Hockey oriented front office people with a track record of Stanley Cup success that have a direction and a planSmart, tough Hockey players that don't fold like a bamboo tent during an F-5 TornadoA Hockey Coach fluent in the basics of the game that is disciplined, smart and unflinching in his pursuit of excellence. 

Hockey p...
Myths vs reality about the Washington Caps

Myth #1 -- The Caps need a ton of talent to earn a Stanley Cup.
Truth-- Look at the Boston Bruins and their talent level last year. No one confused them with the Red Wings, Pens or Caps offensively. Boston played smart,gritty hockey and they never quit. Yes they had injuries to key players (Horton) but thenext man stepped up and they were the last team standing with far less talentthan the Washin...
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